Faceit Ltd

Lead frontend developer. Impressive architecture.

Things used: Backbone.js, Rails, Node


Email for power users. On the fly disponsible addresses like Rich API and FB like app platform provides apps access to your inbox.

Things used: Rails, Node, backbone.js

Pusher Node Client


Pusher client for Node.js

Things used: Node, Pusher, Webscokets

Iphone app for a leading gym supplier

Phonegap based sencha application.

Things used: Phonegap, Sencha, Backbone.js

JS SDK for

I created the Javascript SDK for a leading gamification startup called Beintoo. The SDK allows publishers to easily gamify their apps using beintoo's REST apis. Also included are widgets that let you can embed in your site. easyXDM is used for cross-domain communication between beintoo's api and an external publisher.

Things used: Backbone.js, easyXDM


Mongoid and Indextank sitting in a tree. Supports embedded documents, and offline sync.

what people say about me :)

Ivan Vaghi , CEO Mikamai Srl

Abhi is a talented young programmer and a vey quick self learner. He is one of those guys that didn't need to study programming, but just grew up with it since he was a kid and it is now second nature to him. He is always working on the latest trends and languages, he knows what technologies are mature to use in different contexts and he is good at getting them to work together.

school and education

Universita Bocconi

Bachelors in International Economics, Management and Finance